The MA-6 Hybrid Knife™is an extraordinary pocket knife for EDC (everyday carry), first responders and outdoor use. It's convenient to carry like a folder, yet solid like a fixed-blade and safer to use. The Hybrid Knife™ has three parts: blade (HollowFlat™), protector and clip. The blade and protector are Liquidmetal®. The clip is made of stainless spring steel. Overall length of the Hybrid Knife™ is 5.25 inches. The blade length is 2.5 inches, blade thickness is 0.158 inches tapered, and total weight is 2.7 ounces. The Hybrid Knife™ can be opened and closed single-handedly, as demonstrated in the videos.

The Hybrid Knife™ is a brand new design, never before available, and is the first of our designs to be produced in Liquidmetal®.

The Hybrid Knife™ design not only looks amazing, it is the "best of both worlds." It combines the advantages of a fixed blade and a folder in one knife.


1. Solid like a fixed blade.

2. Convenient to carry like a folder.

3. Practical for daily use.

4. EASY TO SHARPEN - Our HollowFlat™ Blade design makes it easy to sharpen the Hybrid Knife™ anywhere. No sharpening guides needed, just use a simple field sharpener for a perfect sharp edge every time.

5. Safe Grip - Non-slip design makes the Hybrid Knife™ safer to use even with slippery, wet or oily hands.

6. HANDS-FREE ACTION - This means you have the Hybrid Knife™ secure in your hand and ready to use, while still having both hands free for other tasks, eliminating the need to drop, set down or put the knife away.

7. Easy to Disassemble for cleaning - No tools needed.


Truly revolutionary in design and material, the Miltner Adams Hybrid Knife™, made with Liquidmetal alloy, utilizes an extraordinary technology pioneered by Caltech/NASA. The same precision Liquidmetal technology employed in the manufacturing of aerospace and operating room devices is used in making the Hybrid Knife™, at an affordable price to the consumer.

Liquidmetal® alloy is double the strength of titanium and has an elasticity unmatched by even the strongest metals. It is light-weight yet highly durable, with excellent edge retention. Compared to stainless steel, Liquidmetal alloy delivers extraordinary saltwater corrosion-resistance. The Liquidmetal injection molding process allows complex shapes to be manufactured with a level of precision that rivals the most advanced CNC machining operations. These properties make Liquidmetal alloy ideal for our cutting-edge Hybrid Knife™.

Price: $260.00 USD.

SHIPPING: FREE Shipping via USPS Priority Mail to the US continuous 48-States only. Add insurance for $5.00 USD. FedEx available at additional cost. Contact us for a shipping quote if outside of the US continuous 48-States.

NUMBERED KNIVES: All knives will have both the Miltner Adams and Liquidmetal logos. The first 300 knives will also be numbered.The Collector's Edition will include numbers 1-25, prices provided upon request.

ORDERS/PAYMENT: If you would like to reserve a numbered Hybrid Knife™, let us know which numbers you are interested in (if not the lowest available number), and we will email a PayPal invoice to you for secure online payment. You may use a credit card for payment and do *not* need a PayPal account.

For more information Email or call us at 661.235.0058 (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST/USA).

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