DragonLight Key Chain Flashlight for self-defense

Key Chain Flashlight

Fine Art Jewelry of Exceptional Quality for Your Personal Security

Designer Richard H. Miltner's unique artistry and inventiveness merges luxury with personal security in his latest creation, the DragonLight.

Made to reflect your individual style, Miltner blends the lightness and strength of titanium and woven carbon fiber with the warmth and color of wood, stone, meteorites, and other natural elements, creating a beautiful and functional piece of art that sets you apart. The Dragonlight makes a special gift that will long be treasured.

DragonLight Key Chain Flashlight for self-defense

HANDS-FREE ACTION DragonLight Hands-Free Action - This means you retain secure control of the DragonLight with little or no effort when deployed, while still having your hands free for other tasks. It’s in your hand where you need it, when you need it, without delay, but not in your way.

self-defense - In an emergency, almost any object can be used for self-defense - it may be as simple as a pen or a rolled-up newspaper, or just your keys, but why leave fate to chance?

The DragonLight Key Chain Flashlight can be used with Kubotan self-defense techniques, making it a convenient solution for your personal security needs. When used properly, Kubotan techniques are very simple, yet extremely effective, and you don't have to be strong or athletic. The DragonLight is an ideal self-defense aid for both men and women. 

Hand-engraved or hand-carved in titanium is the Laughing Dragon, an original design by Richard H. Miltner inspired by the blending of Pacific Northwest Native American art and ancient Chinese mythology. The Laughing Dragon is a mysterious, unpredictable and untouchable creature.


kubotan® self-defense techniques training session
A private self-defense training session with Mr. Miltner is included with the purchase of each DragonLight. No martial arts knowledge is needed for this training, just the desire to learn how to protect yourself.

Richard H. Miltner is a certified Kubotan self-defense instructor trained by Grand Master Kubota and a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

For over 30 years the Kubotan®, a 5-inch pocket stick keychain developed by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota, has been used by Law Enforcement, including the CIA, FBI and military organizations, and is now used by tens of thousands of civilians worldwide for self-defense.

In every class, Mr. Miltner incorporates invaluable knowledge and techniques gained from his background as an ex-military close-combat instructor with decades of experience in martial arts, executive protection, and personal fitness training. Contact us for details. Also visit our self-defense classes webpage at http://miltner-adams.com/sd/self-defense.html.

Titanium Finger Arch
Real Woven Carbon Fiber
Gem and Mineral Stones
Native and Exotic Wood (non-endangered)
Special material requests.

LED Light 16 Lumens / 18 hours
Momentary On / Constant On pressure switch
Water Proof
2 - AAA Batteries included.

Prices starting at $450.00 USD

For more information and ordering Email or call us at 661.235.0058 (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST/USA).

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