Top Grip™

No other handle design provides a more secure grip.

Top Grip Handle grip test with 120 and 150 lbs.

With the Top Grip™ Handle (Pat. Pend.) you can be sure you will not drop your knife It may be a lifesaver!

  • Specifically designed to greatly improve safety and ergonomics.

  • Multiple finger holes to fit up to three fingers through the handle and blade in multiple variations, resulting in a superior grip.

  • Makes a secure grip possible even under the most extreme conditions.

  • Maintain a safe grip even with wet or oily hands.

  • Designed for "hands-free" movement, which reduces the need to set the knife down and the possibility of losing it.

Top Grip™ is a Miltner Adams innovation featured exclusively in Miltner Adams knife designs.

Top Grip Handle: Demonstrating hands-free movement and grip variations using handle and blade holes.

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