MA-4/II 5.25" Tactical Knife

MA-4/II 5.25 inch Tactical Knife

"I love these knives, they are probably the best I have had the pleasure of using. They are fine pieces of steal. "

-- Spc. Joshua Goheen, A CO 1st BN 502nd Infantry

Video link: MA-2/II and MA-4/II Tactical Fixed Blades

  • Tested and Recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association and used in Iraq by members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

  • CPM S30V or Explosion Bonded (XBOND) CPM S30V and Titanium.

  • Top Grip™ Handle – Secure grip with “Hands-Free” action.

  • HollowFlat™ Blade – Easy to re-sharpen – just sharpen on the flat side only!

  • Heavy-Duty Versatile Sheath attaches almost anywhere you want – Right or Left Hand Use, Safety Release Button, Diamond Sharpener, Removable/Adjustable Clip.

  • Tungsten Carbide Glass Breaker.

MA-4/II XBOND Limited Numbered Series

Born Out of a Powerful Explosive Detonation...

MA-4/II XBOND Tactical Knife back view showing titanium.

Explosion Bonded Titanium and CPM S30V stainless steel (XBOND): The MA-4/II XBOND 5.25” Tactical Knife is the ultimate tactical edged weapon and is an ideal knife for both the collector and the professional.

Only 25 knives were made of the Explosion Bonded Titanium and CPM 230V. These 25 knives represent the first and only time stainless steel was Explosion Bonded with titanium for any application, not just knives - this is a proprietary aerospace manufacturing process - a true Space Age material.

"The explosion bonding manufacturing process permanently fuses otherwise incompatible metals at the molecular level." - PA&E

Titanium and S30V stainless steel is formed into a true metallurgical bond as a result of a powerful explosive detonation, creating robust, yet lightweight construction.

Raw and hot MA-4/II XBOND knife material and close-up of bonded material.
Shown in the first photo (left) is the raw, and very hot, MA-4/II blade material shortly after the bonding detonation. The first MA-4/II prototype knives were made from this particular piece of material in April - May 2007. The explosives are place directly on top of the two pieces of material. The blast marks are visible and the material is warped from the extreme force and heat of the explosion.

In the second photo (right), a magnified cross-section view of a different piece of bonded material shows the layers of different metals now one.

XBOND is the proprietary technology of Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. (PA&E)


MA-4/II Versatile Sheath

Heavy-Duty construction using G10, Concealex® and Kydex®, includes a diamond sharpener, our MA Versatile Clip for secure and easy attachment, and an additional secure safety that is easy to release or engage single-handedly whenever you remove or replace the knife.

Two Safeties: Protected from accidental and unauthorized release. Both safeties automatically lock when the knife is inserted into sheath for a secure and convenient carry.

Safety Release: To release knife from sheath, press release button, from any grip position, left or right handed.

Clip: Adjustable/Removable stainless steel wire clip.
Note: XBOND has black clip, S30V model has plain clip.

Diamond Sharpener: 25 micron - fine grit.

  • Explosion Bonded S30V and Titanium -First year limited numbered series, only 25 made: $3,500.00
  • All S30V Stainless Steel: $480.00


  • Type: Tactical Knife - Fixed Blade
  • Designer: Richard Miltner
  • Overall Length: 210 mm / 8.25"
  • Overall weight (XBOND): 99.2 g / 3.5 oz

  • Blade:

    • Type: HollowFlat™ (pat. pend.) <more on the HollowFlat™ Blade>
    • Material Choices: Explosion Bonded CPM S30V Stainless Steel and Titanium or all CPM S30V Stainless Steel
    • Harden: XBOND - 55-57 Rc, All S30V - 55-57 Rc
    • Length: 135 mm / 5.25”
    • Thickness: 6.4 mm / 0.25"
    • Finishes: Black DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, or Natural Steel Matte

  • Handle:

  • Heavy-Duty Versatile Sheath:

    • Material: G10, Concealex and Kydex
    • Sharpener: Fixed-mounted on exterior of sheath. Diamond 25 micron/fine grit.
    • Sheath is left hand or right hand usable.
    • Clip: Stainless steel, adjustable/removable clip.
    • Safety: Two


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