MA-3 Hunting Knife

MA-3 Hunting Knife

Since the time knives were made from stone, the knife has been an essential tool of the hunt. Advances in technology have enhanced the hunterÕs abilities and safety, yet during the past few decades, the hunterÕs knife has changed little. Then came Miltner Adams - Welcome to the 21st century!

The Miltner Adams MA-3 is built to exceed your expectations. First, because a hunting knife is often used under difficult circumstances, a safe, secure grip is extremely important, especially when field dressing. Introducing the Top Grip™ Handle, specifically designed to greatly improve safety and ergonomics. Even with wet or oily hands, no other handle design can provide a more secure grip than Top Grip™. Plus, Top Grip™ gives you the ability to have Ņhands-freeÓ movement, so it reduces the need to set the knife down and possibly losing it in the grass, snow, or in low light conditions.

Under any and all conditions, a knife must always be sharp. The MA-3 features our patent pending HollowFlat™ Blade making it easy to maintain a sharp edge without any special skills or guided tools, anywhere, anytime, no matter the circumstances. For added convenience, we attached a diamond sharpener to the outside of the sheath so your knife is - Always Sharp, Always Ready!™

Convenience and safety in carrying a knife is essential. Whether youÕre driving in your car or out in the field, your knife should never get in your way, but at the same time it should be where you can get to it quickly and safely when needed. The Spin Clip™ on the back of our sheath makes it easy to wear the knife any way that best suits you Š wear it straight up and down, or sideways, or at an angle, or you can even use it as a loop. ItÕs secure, yet easy to adjust anytime, because it requires no tools Š just spin it! The sheath is constructed to be heavy-duty and is made from G10 with Concealex. Plus, we added a secure safety on the sheath thatÕs quick and easy to release or engage single-handedly whenever you remove or replace the knife.

Highly skilled, resourceful and intuitive, these are the characteristics of a superior hunter. Yet, even a hunter of such high caliber knows that the quality of their equipment can make the difference between success or failure. So, make the state-of-the-art Miltner Adams MA-3 part of your next successful adventure!

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  • Type: Hunting Knife - Fixed Blade
  • Designer: Richard Miltner
  • Overall Length: 203 mm / 8.0"
  • Overall weight: 170 g / 6.0 oz

  • Blade:

    • Type: HollowFlat™ (pat. pend.) <more on the HollowFlat™ Blade>
    • Material: 440C Stainless
    • Finish: Bead-Blasted Natural with hand-polished edges
    • Harden: 58-59 Rc.
    • Length: 100 mm / 4.0"
    • Thickness: 5.0 mm / 0.20"

  • Handle:

  • Sheath Features:

    • Material: G10 with Concealex
    • Sharpener: Fixed-mounted on exterior of sheath. Diamond 25 micron/fine grit.
    • Sheath is left hand or right hand useable.
    • Clip: Spin Clip™ <more on the Spin Clip™>
    • Safety

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