MA-2/III 3.5 Neck Knife

MA-2/III 3.5 Neck Knife

Built for the serious adventurer, whether it be trekking through wilderness or engaged in a combat environment, the MA-2/III Neck Knife is large enough to handle the task at hand, yet small enough to carry conveniently. Like all Miltner Adams fixed blades, the MA-2/III features the patent pending Top Grip™ Handle, creating an extremely secure grip, while also allowing for "hands-free" movement. And, of course, this knife is sharp - very sharp...and easy to keep sharp because of the HollowFlat™ Blade design (patent pending). For added convenience, we also mounted a diamond sharpener to the outside of the sheath, so you will have it when you need it. Always Sharp, Always Ready!™

The sheath for the MA-2/III is right or left hand useable and also features our Spin Clip™ making it easy to wear the knife any way that best suits you Š wear it straight up and down, or sideways, or at an angle, or you can even use it as a loop. ItÕs secure, yet easy to adjust anytime, because it requires no tools Š just spin it! The sheath is constructed to be heavy-duty and is made from G10 with Concealex. Plus, we added a secure safety on the sheath thatÕs quick and easy to release or engage single-handedly whenever you remove or replace the knife.

The MA-2/III Neck Knife is tough and ready for action anytime, anywhere.

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