MA-1 Tactical Folder

Our goal was to build the ultimate tactical folder.

To achieve this, we needed to acquire the best material, utilize the top industry craftspeople and develop the optimum design.

So we did.

2006 IWA and 2005 Blade Award

Best Material

2005 Blade Show Most Innovative Imported Design: MA-1 The MA-1 Tactical Folder blade is razor-sharp. Our blade is made from the best steel available, PM Elmax Superclean stainless - the definitive choice when it comes to edge holding, toughness, and stain resistance. Manufactured in Sweden, Elmax Superclean is a superior steel. Elmax Superclean holds an edge longer - it has smaller carbides making it less susceptible to chipping than CPM S30V and it also has more Chromium (18% Cr vs. 14% Cr). <more on materials in specifications>.

Besides the expense, the only disadvantage to using elite stainless steels like Elmax Superclean, is that the blades are difficult to sharpen - but not our knife. The MA-1 featuring our revolutionary Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade (patents pending) completely eliminates this problem, making the MA-1 blade a breeze to maintain that razor sharpness. Even under the worst circumstances - on a rolling boat in the high seas or in a truck bumping and bouncing off-road on a dark rainy night - you will always be able to sharpen or steel the MA-1 with professional results.

Top Craftsmanship

If you consider the blade of a knife to be its heart, then the handle is its protective carapace. All MA-1 handles are constructed in two precisely 3-D machined finger-joined parts attached by six stainless steel screws plus a pivot point, resulting in an extremely stiff and solid design. The MA-1/T handle is made of Titanium, one of the most expensive and exciting metals ever used in the knife industry, having the strength of steel without the added weight. The MA-1/A handle is made of High-Strength Special Aluminum and is hard anodized for added durability. MA-1 handle pieces showing finger-joint construction

Gutjahr GmbH of Germany, with its experience and tradition of continuously pursuing cutting edge technology, made it possible to bring the sophisticated design of the MA-1 into production. The exchangeable, dual surface Diamond Sharpening/Steeling element for the Integral Folding Knife Sharpener is manufactured exclusively for the Miltner Adams Company in the U.S.A. by DMT®, the world leader in diamond sharpening.

Optimal Design

Sharpening on Demand - The MA-1 is the first knife to feature our revolutionary Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade (patents pending). All the sharpening and steeling takes place inside the handle only when you decide to do so - SHARPENING ON DEMAND. Requires no separate pieces and no guides, and no need to maintain a precise angle. In fact, it requires no special skills at all. Exchanging the Integral Folding knife Sharpener

The built-in, four-sided Diamond Sharpening/Steeling element has two sides diamond plated (Coarse and Ultra-Fine diamond grits) for sharpening and two plain steel sides for steeling. As shown in the picture on the right, the Sharpening/Steeling element only needs to be removed when changing sides to different grits or to plain steel.<see how it works>

No matter the situation, no matter the experience level, you can sharpen or steel the HollowFlat™ Blade, even single-handedly!

Ergonomic considerations - The pistol-style grip handle fits comfortably and securely in your hand in either a forward or reverse grip. And, despite its generous size, the MA-1 fits just as comfortably in your front pocket and is also comparatively lightweight.

Form follows function - In addition to being lightweight and durable, an exceptional knife must give the user the ability to do whatever needs to be done. From chopping wood to forcing a locked door open...if the only tool available is your MA-1 Tactical Folder, with its strong steel blade and solid construction, the MA-1 is up to the task. Not that we recommend it, but in an emergency, itŐs nice to know you can.

MA-1 different finishes - grey, silver, green.

We can customize the MA-1/A to your specifications: Choice of handle color, blade finshes, and stainless steel screws in plain or black.<more MA-1 photos>

Miltner Adams 4 Point Icon

MA-1 Specifications:

  • Type: Tactical Folder
  • Designer: Richard Miltner
  • CNC machine made in Germany.
  • Length closed: 131.5 mm / 5.18"
  • Length open: 233 mm / 9.12"
  • Overall weight: 7.3 oz

  • Sharpening Element:

    • Integral Folding Knife Sharpener (pat. pend.)
    • Diamond/Steeling Element made in the U.S.A. by DMT® exclusively for the Miltner Adams Company.
    • Type: Exchangeable, 4-sided rod-shape. Two sides are Diamond plated for sharpening - Coarse Diamond grit on one side and Ultra-Fine Diamond grit on another side, plus two sides are Plain Steel for Steeling. Built-in convenience - Sharpening on Demand. All the sharpening and steeling takes place in the handle only when you decide to do so. <more on the Integral Folding Knife Sharpener>

  • Blade:

  • Handle:

    • Type: Skeleton - two parts 3-D machined, finger-joined and attached with six stainless steel screws
    • Length: 131.5 mm / 5.18"
    • Two models available:

      • MA-1/A - High-Strength Special Aluminum hard anodized in the following choices:

        - 7075 Military Green (Aircraft Grade Aluminum)
        - 5083 Grey (Comparable to 6061)
        - 2017 Silver (High Strength - tough and durable.)

      • MA-1/T - Titanium machined, sandblasted with hand-polished accents.
        A limited numbered series available in late 2005.

  • Lock: Push-Button

  • Clip:

    • Type: Skeleton
    • Material: Titanium

  • PM Elmax Superclean typical analysis %:

    C - 1.7
    Si - 0.8
    Mn - 0.3
    Cr - 18.0
    Mo - 1.0
    V - 3.0

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