Sharpening and Steeling is no longer a chore with the
Integral Folding knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade

Now you can easily sharpen and steel your blade on demand anywhere, anytime without the need to carry any additional sharpening equipment. The MA-1 Tactical Folder is the first knife to feature the revolutionary Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade (patents pending).

The Diamond Sharpening and Steeling device is mounted directly to the interior wall of the knife handle. Not only can you sharpen, you can easily maintain that sharp edge even longer by steeling the blade using the same convenient, built-in exchangeable dual surface Diamond Sharpening/Steeling element. The Diamond Sharpening/Steeling element has four sides - two sides are diamond plated (Coarse and Ultra-Fine diamond grits) for sharpening and two plain steel sides for steeling.

All the sharpening and steeling takes place inside the handle only when you decide to do so - Sharpening on Demand. Nothing to set-up or assemble. The innovative design of the HollowFlat™ Blade makes sharpening simple, requiring no guides or cumbersome tools to fumble with, lose or forget. You no longer have to worry about matching the angle of the blade's bevel; the patent pending HollowFlat Blade™ has a single raised flat bevel on the hollow ground side of the blade, which perfectly matches the sharpening element. <More on the HollowFlat™ Blade>

You choose when to sharpen or steel the blade - the blade will not sharpen just by opening and closing the folding knife. <see instructions>. In addition, the element can be easily adjusted to the desired sharpening or steeling surface or, it may be quickly removed from the handle and used to knock off a burr from the blade’s edge when desired.

With the Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade, you will have a knife that is Always Sharp, Always Ready™ in any element whether you're out in the field, on a mission, or just in your own backyard!

The Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade are Miltner Adams innovations featured exclusively in Miltner Adams knife designs.


Please be careful! Always use caution when handling a knife and when following the sharpening instructions. Any knife has the potential to cause serious injury, whether it's dull or sharp.

  • For Sharpening: the diamond plated surface of the sharpening/steeling element must face the blade.

  • For Steeling: the plain steel surface of the sharpening/steeling element must face the blade.

  • CLICK HERE to see how simple it is to switch the sharpening/steeling element surfaces.

step 1-3 using the IFKS 

  1. Ensure the sharp point of the knife blade is facing away from your body and all your fingers are kept clear of the blade's sharp edge at all times.

  2. Hold the folding knife handle firmly with one hand.

  3. With your other hand, firmly grasp the top of the blade using your thumb and forefinger.

step 4-5 using the IFKS 

  1. Using your thumb, apply moderately strong lateral pressure to the convex side of the HollowFlat™ Blade, causing the flat, raised bevel on the hollow-grounded side to contact the surface of the sharpening element.

  2. NOTE: Don't be shy about applying pressure. Think of it as though you are giving a firm handshake.

  3. Now, open the blade while continuing to apply lateral pressure, causing the bevel to contact and slide across the sharpening element.

step 6 using the IFKS 

  1. Continue to open the blade wider, until the entire length of the bevel has slid across the sharpening element.

step 7-8 using the IFKS 

  1. Now, reverse direction and close the blade while continuing to apply pressure laterally.

  2. This back and forth motion may be performed in quick strokes or more slowly, and repeated until desired sharpness is achieved.

  3. NOTE: The blade will not sharpen when simply opening and closing the folding knife. You must apply lateral pressure to the blade when you want to sharpen it.

  4. For Steeling the blade, follow steps 1-8 using the plain steel surface of the sharpening/steelng element.


CLICK HERE to learn about the basics of sharpening and why the Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade make sharpening easy.


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