The HollowFlat™ Blade makes sharpening a breeze with any sharpening device. No guides or complicated equipment required - no need to maintain a precise angle. No need to send your knife back to the factory for "professional" sharpening. In fact, sharpening the HollowFlat™ Blade requires no special skills at all.

Sharpening a HollowFlat Blade using external sharpener. Sharpened on the flat side only, as shown in the photo, the HollowFlat™ Blade is placed with the flat side of the blade in contact with the sharpening surface. The design of the HollowFlat™ Blade features an integral guide that ensures the 0° (zero degree) angle of the bevel is maintained during the sharpening process for perfect results every time. Just knock off the burr when you're done <see more on sharpening basics>.

The HollowFlat™ Blade is a Miltner Adams innovation featured exclusively in Miltner Adams knife designs.

HollowFlat Blade The HollowFlat™ Blade is similar to a chisel grind blade, with the exception that the flat side is hollow ground, producing a raised flat bevel that makes it possible to sharpen on the flat side. In addition, the shape of the hollow grind creates a spacer opposite the raised flat bevel that acts as a built-in "guide." The HollowFlat™ Blade is sharpened on the flat side only.

Examples of double bevel and chisel grind blades:

Double Bevel Blade Chisel Grind Blade

And now, in a revolutionary breakthrough in the knife industry, the Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade (patents pending) are featured together for the first time in a unique folding knife that's perfect for urban, outdoors, law enforcement and military use, the MA-1 Tactical Folder.

CLICK HERE to learn about the basics of sharpening and steeling and why the Integral Folding Knife Sharpener and HollowFlat™ Blade make it easy to maintain a sharp edge.


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