Richard Miltner

Richard Miltner Recieving award at IWA 2006 As a weapons expert in knives and martial arts weapons, and with a black belt in Karate, Richard Miltner served as a military police instructor in martial arts and close combat for the Austrian Armed Forces.

After serving in the Austrian Armed Forces, Mr. Miltner was licensed in Austria, Switzerland and Germany as a body guard and established his own private protection firm in Switzerland serving clients worldwide for over ten years.

With his background in martial arts, close combat, knives and martial arts weapons, Richard Miltner founded with Juli Adams, the Miltner Adams Company in 2003.

Richard Miltner is the Chief Engineer and Designer for the Miltner Adams Company.


Juli Adams

Juli Adams with her and RichardÕs beloved Dalmatian, Dakota. A native of Southern California, Juli Adams worked nine years as a contractor for NASA serving as a technical writer, documentation expert and web developer for the IT Operations and IT Engineering teams supporting the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

Ms. Adams is also an artist, and holds a BA in Fine Arts and a MFA in Sculpture from the University of California at Los Angeles.

In founding the Miltner Adams Company with Richard Miltner in 2003, Juli Adams has transformed her life-long hobby of knife collecting into a serious endeavor with the goal of introducing a new edge of innovation into the industry.

Juli Adams heads the business operations for the Miltner Adams Company.


Unsere Aufgabe

Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht neue Produkte und Designs zu entwickeln die Lšsungen fŸr alltŠgliche Aufgaben bereitstellen, bisherige Konventionen verbessern oder einfach schšn sind und Freude machen.



"Wir betrachten es als unsere Verpflichtung alle geschŠftlichen und persšnlichen Entscheidungen mit IntegritŠt zu treffen, und dem gebŸhrenden Respekt gegenŸber unserem Planeten seinen Resourcen und Bewohnern durchzufŸhren."


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